Hello, my name is Victoria Popova, I am eighteen years old and I am a Social Science student at Dawson College.


This is a picture of me with two parrots in the Dominican Republic.

This was my trip to the Dominican Republic in 2015. I want to share this picture where I am with parrots, because I remember how stressed to hold one.It was overall an amazing trip.


On the following picture are my friends from dance class. We have a extraordinary group friendship and always enjoy spending time together.

This is a picture of my friends and I.


This is my mother, I love her very much and I want to share this picture, because I find it extremely adorable.

This is an old picture of my mother and I at the pool in 2003.

Sites frequently visited
This web site allows me to communicate with my friends and family.
Youtube is a great web site to watch any kind of videos.
Omnivox helps student keep tracks with their assignments and grades. They can also easily reach their teacher for information.